We help you identify and protect your attack surfaces

spiderSilk is re-imagining threat detection from a multi-solution, resource intensive proposition today, to an automated, intelligent, cost-effective & easy to deploy one.


Security guardians are under pressure and face 3 pain-points

  • Visibility Blind Spots

    With IP and Domain-based tools available today, organizations and their security teams often lack the full visibility of their publicly accessible attack surfaces. They simply can't track what they don't know.

  • Threat Assessment Gap

    In their efforts to analyze the threats to their external attack surfaces, Security teams are forced to work with multiple solutions. Traditional assessment tools like coded advisories (CVE etc) and/port scanners, often miss out on a vast number of continuously evolving threats.

  • Frequency

    IF an organization manages to achieve full attack surface visibility AS WELL AS have all threats analyzed, how often can its security guardians repeat this process? Daily/Weekly? It is a volumetric, time-consuming and costly proposition.


How do we help you?


RESONANCE scans the open internet on a continuous basis. Our proprietary attribution engine then matches all assets to your organization, on a continuous basis.

Threat Assessment

The latest threats are reflected into RESONANCE and mapped to your attack surfaces. This continuous monitoring is done on your behalf. Our cybersecurity experts validate any potential threats that are identified by our platform, so you don't have to deal with any false positives.


No deployments or integrations are required on your end. In fact, there is 0 intervention needed, we do all the heavy lifting so your security teams can focus on other critical areas.

We help organizations identify, manage and protect their attack surfaces, without the need for multiple solutions.

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